Host A Workshop

Want to learn with your friends
and change the world at the same time?
Discover the impact your purchasing decisions make,
and while you’re at it, earn some free jewellery!

A Grace & Able workshop is an in-home event, where you gather your friends, learn about the impact your shopping choices have on the world and see our collection of handmade jewellery in person. Not only can you earn free jewellery but you can change the life of someone, on the other side of the world! Grace and Able offers a unique opportunity where you can learn about powerful choices, style your friends and make a difference all at the same time!

Host a workshop and change lives around the world!

Simply, email or fill in the short questionnaire below and Grace & Able will get back to you to answer all your questions. Once we’ve booked a date, we’ll bring the display, the products, and the information you need to grow and learn,. All you need to do is gather your girls and provide the nibbles and drinks. Together, a fun, informative and unique workshop will take place, right in the comfort of your own home.

How do I earn free jewellery?

It’s quite simple really.

Total workshop sales of

  • Jewellery Credit of

Total workshop sales of

  • Jewellery Credit of

Total workshop sales of

  • Jewellery credit of

Total workshop sales of

  • Jewellery Credit of

Rewards expire 6 months after your event date.

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So you are interested in hosting your own Grace & Able Workshop in your home?  Please fill in the form below or email: to express your interest.

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What will we learn?

Along with hearing our artisan’s stories, you’ll be looking at an example of a $10 t-shirt and learn as we break down the cost so you truly understand where your money goes when you make a purchase. Be prepared to gain with some new knowledge that will empower you when you make decisions in the future.

We will also cover some style tips and may use you as host as our model throughout the workshop. If so with this possibility in mind, please wear a solid coloured top as this will best display the jewellery.

Top tips for hosting an inspiring workshop:

  • Keep it simple – finger food is best, minimum fuss and mess.
  • Keep it small – no need to get overwhelmed by inviting many people. Anywhere from 3-8 is a great aim, but honestly, we don’t measure success by numbers so why should you?
  • Keep it personal – share why this is so important for you. Is it the desire to change lives, a personal experience story or a passion for jewellery? Let your guests know so they can be inspired too!
  • Keep it clearGrace & Able will need a place to display the jewellery for you and your friends to enjoy. This provides a unique, hands-on appeal that retail stores or on-line boutiques simply cannot offer!

Still not sure you have what it takes to host a workshop? If you really want to create change but are feeling a little concerned about the commitment to hosting, read this article on why we think your top 10 excuses don’t cut the mustard!