Our Process

At Grace & Able our heart is to see an empowered world, where all people thrive and rise out of poverty. By partnering with traditional, skilled makers, who hand craft jewellery  in developing countries, we are creating unique, one of kind handmade pieces. We do not set Artisan wages; rather, we collaborate with artisan business owners to set prices that allow them to earn reliable incomes through the trade partnership and grow sustainably. We ensure that Artisans earn wages that are fair based on the cost of living in their country.

We pay our Artisans up front for the work they do regardless of the sale, not on percentage of sale. We pay 50% up front and 50% upon shipment of the items. This enables our artisans to purchase materials which is often a limiting factor in working for themselves as most people in developing countries do not have access to credit. Not only do the Artisans have consistent work by partnering with our groups, they are also guaranteed to be paid fairly per the standard of living in their country. Typically, this is 4 to 12 times more than they would achieve elsewhere. We consistently work with them to evaluate and ensure prices cover and adheres to the Fair-Trade principles and guidelines.

We see you our customers, as our partners, alongside our Artisans partners because its only together that we can make this change. You are part of an integral movement to not only be the change, but to wear the change. Consider hosting a workshop or becoming an Ambassador to increase your impact.

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