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We intentionally look for partners with whom we can make an impact in communities where people are marginalised because of poverty or injustice. Initial awareness is raised though networking and existing relationships. Further down the line of communication, we travel to identify those Artisan entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

To empower Artisan businesses to grow sustainably, we focus on collaborative design, capacity building, responsible financing and long-term partnership.

We design our collection in collaboration with talented Artisans around the world. We are committed to helping artisan businesses grow, investing to develop their capacity through design, operations and production training. We equip entrepreneurs to impact their communities by tailoring development training to their unique strengths and challenges.

We build business partnerships based on mutual accountability, respect and trust. We strive to make a long-term commitment to artisan entrepreneurs, empowering them to earn a sustainable income and create dignified jobs in their communities.

While Grace & Able is not a certified member of the Fair-Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, we do follow the principles of fair trade in how we do business. We also require the artisan businesses from which we source products to follow the principles of fair trade in how they do business. We regularly visit these businesses to ensure they are meeting these standards, including paying fair wages, providing safe and healthy working conditions, and prohibiting child and forced labour. We believe that is the way all business should be conducted, without needing accreditation or certification from a specialist group. By not being a member of the FTA we hope to be an example of successful ethical business within the business world.

More than 2 billion people worldwide live on less than $1 a day – and the world’s poor are vulnerable to injustice. To have a path out of poverty, people need good jobs where they can earn reliable incomes to provide for their families. We work in communities where people are vulnerable for many different reasons, including poverty, discrimination, trafficking, HIV/AIDS and violence. We make an impact by partnering with the marginalised, in their  communities to create dignified jobs.

What people want most in the world is the opportunity to be heard, to grow and to succeed – not with a handout, but by using their own hands and their own voice. While everybody wants a good job, few people in the developing world have opportunities for dignified work. We believe that creating fair and dignified jobs in marginalised communities is a powerful way to alleviate poverty. We believe that equipping artisans to grow sustainably empowers them to speak up. Grace & Able simply provides opportunity through a global marketplace, making owning a business an achievable reality that is accessible to those who are marginalised.

We do not set Artisan wages. Instead, we collaborate with artisan business owners to set prices that allow them to earn reliable incomes through the costing and grow sustainably. We ensure that Artisans earn wages that are fair based on the cost of living in their country.

We pay the Artisans up front the work they do regardless of the sale, not on percentage of sale. We pay 50% up front and 50% upon shipment of the items. This allows the artisans to purchase materials which is often a limiting factor in working for themselves as most people in developing countries do not have access to credit. Not only do the Artisans have consistent work by working with our groups, they are also guaranteed to be paid fairly per the standard of living in their country. Typically, this is 4-12 times more than they would achieve elsewhere. We consistently work with them to evaluate and ensure prices cover and adheres to the Fair Trade principles and guidelines.

We believe that part of what makes a product beautiful is how it’s made. Our founder works with a groups manger or director to design unique, one of a kind pieces in collaboration with talented Artisans. We often ask for artisans to make design suggestions themselves. All of our products are handmade by Artisans around the world. Many Artisans use traditional skills that have been passed down through generations to create modern designs. We are committed to full transparency regarding how our jewellery and accessories are sourced.

We currently source our products from 2 artisan businesses in 2 countries. We do not own or operate any artisan workshops, but instead partner with artisan businesses to create opportunity in marginalised communities.

Yes, we are committed to transparent and responsible sourcing. Many of our products are made by hand without the use of electricity or fuel. Hand skills like weaving, embroidery and knitting are eco-friendly.

Some of our products are made with natural materials including wood, stones, seeds, alpaca wool, cotton, silk, horn and bone. Where possible, we use natural dyes, vegetable tanned leather, and ethically sourced silk, horn and bone.

Some of our metal jewellery from Kenya is made with upcycled metals. Some of our paper bead jewellery from Uganda is made with recycled paper.

The name Grace & Able comes from the founding principles and philosophy of our outlook and pay-it-forward approach to life. Grace is defined as the undeserved love given as a gift that encourages and brings good hope. By this unconditional, non-judgemental grace we are then made able to take hold of every opportunity with confidence. Grace & Able pays this philosophy forward to its Artisans, Ambassadors and customers, enabling all to have the opportunity to not just survive in life, but to thrive. We bring this approach to all partnerships, creating a hand up and not a hand out.

We use the motto ‘Wear the change’ to encompass these values, inspired from the famous quote attributed to Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, as every purchase makes a difference and changes lives by enabling paths out of poverty to be created.

Grace & Able invites people across Australia to become Ambassadors, business entrepreneurs who launch Grace & Able’s collection in their communities. Ambassadors have an opportunity to earn an income, become leaders, join a meaningful community and make an impact.

Ambassadors are social entrepreneurs and business owners who sell jewellery and accessories through Party Plan Sales and personalised e-commerce websites. By creating a marketplace for artisan businesses, Ambassadors create opportunity in vulnerable communities around the world.

Ambassadors earn a percentage commission (20-25%) on sales at Home Parties and on their personalised e-commerce websites. We also offer Ambassadors an opportunity to become Coaches – leaders who recruit, mentor and motivate other Ambassadors. Coaches earn a commission (2-5%) on the net sales of their team.