Ending poverty one piece of handmade jewellery at a time.

Let’s #wearthechange because together, we’re the change. Make a difference today.

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How it’s made


It’s not just how it’s made that matters…

but who made it too.  Our jewellery is all handmade by Artisans in marginalised countries, using traditional skills and techniques that have passed down through the generations, we invest in the hands that make it. Through design collaboration we bring these skills into contemporary styles for the modern woman to wear. Not only do we use local products but where possible we look for sustainable and environmentally friendly options. For example, our jewellery from Uganda is made from recycled magazine paper. And our brass pieces from Kenya are made with broken and disused brass items.

Every purchase supports our Artisans, from providing an income and viable marketplace  to providing opportunity for development training. When you wear Grace & Able you can wear it knowing you are part of  a bigger story, a story of hope and empowerment. That’s what #wearthechange is all about.

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