Offering hope to the underprivileged through fair and dignified economic opportunity.

Grace & Able is a social enterprise that aims to equip and empower the poor and marginalised around the globe through economic opportunities. Using traditional and local crafts and skills, Grace and Able has curated a beautiful collection of handmade jewellery. Every purchase you make creates a marketplace for our artisans, therefore you are helping carve paths out of poverty and directly offering hope. You are truly making a difference when you shop with us.

Because where it’s made really does matter.

Keen to help change the world?  Host a party  and make a lasting difference in the fight against poverty and injustice.

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Party Hosting


Host a party, and change lives across the world!

Grace & Able offers a unique opportunity for you to make a difference whilst enjoying yourself at the same time. By hosting a show for Grace & Able, not only can you earn free jewellery but you can change the life of someone across the world from you!

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